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Choices August 22, 2008

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Most of the time I do my “writing” late at night in bed.  The thing is, I don’t usually write it down.  🙂 It’s mostly just in my head.  By the time I wake up, it’s just an impression and the actual words are gone.  I do some of my best writing that way. Needless to say, that’s why I don’t write as much as I would like in my blog.  But, a couple of weeks ago I had words swirling in my head and I needed to write them down.  So I actually got a pen and paper and wrote.  Not anything long or super profound, but it meant something to me in the moment.  But I wasn’t ready to share the words… I needed to hold them close to me for awhile and just feel them.  I guess I’m ready to share them now.  This is what came to me on a night I was feeling a little lost and alone.


I chose to make you a priority…
but I was somewhere down on your list

I chose to let you in and see straight to my soul…
but you’ve kept me at arms length

I chose to be there for you when your world got crazy…
but I didn’t get the same in return

I have no doubt that I love you

I have no doubt that you love me too

But our love together has been sorely tested

The things we have said to each other lately – I’m not proud of a lot of my contributions

I don’t know where to go from here.  I need more than “I love you” to keep holding on.