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Yes on Prop 8… Are you serious? November 8, 2008

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I must live in an alternate universe or something.  Well, the Bay Area is different than most places, but come on…. Proposition 8 passed? Holy hell… in my own little world I didn’t think Prop 8 would even be a close race, much less that it would actually pass.

And the reasons I’ve heard for people voting “yes”.

“God meant for marriage to be between a man and woman”. Oh, is that so? Wasn’t “God” used as a reason for not allowing inter racial marriage? God put people of different colors on different continents… so they shouldn’t marry.  Or how many “God” reasons were given for women not voting? And by the same token, if it had been abortion on the ballet… would we have repealed a woman’s right to choose? Now don’t get me wrong… if within your religion you want to say marriage has to be between a man and woman, that is your right and I don’t have a problem with that.  I think it’s short sighted and narrow minded… but that is your choice.  But don’t make your religious beliefs take away the legal rights of others.  Why would someone that believes in God’s love want to take away two human beings right to declare their love for each other and their commitment to that? Anyway… I digress, that is not really the issue.  I guess the point for me here is, isn’t one of the cornerstones of the American dream the separation of church and state? I’m just wondering if people really believe that anymore… doesn’t seem that way based on the passage of Prop 8…

And then there are those that don’t want their kids to be taught about gay marriage in school.  What? You think they aren’t going to learn about it outside of school? And better yet… the example of the teacher that took her/his (don’t remember the gender) students on a field trip to a gay commitment ceremony/marriage. To those of you that don’t want this to happen and think taking people’s rights away is the answer, let me ask you this: How many field trips have your children gone on that you didn’t know EXACTLY where they were going? And how many field trips did you NOT have to sign a permission slip? Ohhhh and how many field trips did you NOT have the right to say, “I don’t want my children to go on that field trip”?  You’re really gonna take people’s rights away over a fear of a field trip? What a cop out!

I don’t usually share my political beliefs with people.  My beliefs and choices are mine and I don’t feel like it’s any of your business what they are.  Thank God I live in a country where that is an option… just like it’s an option for those of you that do like to debate your beliefs.  But this issue really gets to me. Just because someone’s beliefs are different than yours, it doesn’t make them wrong or illegal. Should gay marriage even be something we are debating in the legal/governmental realm? I am just shocked that our culture is still so narrow minded.

It makes me really sad.


She Knows April 16, 2008

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She Thought

She thought he was the one

After all this time… the one she thought she’d never find

She thought he understood her

Understood her heart

She thought he was the one to love her

Despite how difficult she knew she could be

She thought that he wanted her for who she was

With all of her emotional bagage

She thought he would never let her go

Hold her through all of her self doubts

She was wrong

She Knows

She knows he is not the one

There is no one for her to find

She knows he doesn’t understand her

Her heart is too complicated

She knows he’s not the one to love her

Even as her heart screams that it can’t be true

She knows she can’t be loved for who she is

Her baggage is too heavy

She knows he’s let her go

She was right to have self doubt

She was right… she will be alone


#1006 October 6, 2007

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Today is a day I almost made a huge mistake. But all is right in my world and things have turned out the way they are suppose to. I don’t think I would have liked myself very much had things happened the way they were planned.

But then why do I feel such a sense of loss today? Why the tears over the what ifs? I didn’t think today would be this hard for me. Maybe it’s just left over hurt from the way things happened. Maybe I just need to get through this day and it’ll all be over.

There will always be times in our lives when there are things we want that we just can’t have. But to have those things dangled in front of us and then taken away… well… that’s tough.

So now… I take a deep breath and move on. Trying not to dwell on the what ifs.


Centerfold September 12, 2007

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Centerfold, by Pink… this song just speaks to me right now.  For me, it’s been a summer of “Pink”.  Her songs rock and she kicks ass! When I am on Twitter and say I am headed home… right now you can be sure it’s probably a Pink song I’m screachin at the top of my lungs as I weave in and out of traffic.

 And here you have the lyrics to the one song that is speaking to me today:

Pink – Centerfold lyrics

(can you turn it up please, just a tiny bit, that’d be awesome)

I’m on the rebound
I get it where I want to
I’m on the way down
I’m getting fixed without you
You gave me a band-aid
I put it on my heartbreak
And all you got is pictures in your hand

Don’t you wish you could hold
The angel in the centerfold
The fantasy you couldn’t control
That walked away from you
Don’t you wish that you could hold
The pretty little paper doll
The one you couldn’t quite control
Who walked away from you

Flip to me, I’m the centerfold
I’m gonna charm you
All night
Stick to me, I’m the centerfold
We’re gonna go, oh
Hold tight

I’m gonna hate you
’til I forget you
So here’s a keepsake
I left it in the bathroom
Just a little something
Something to remind you
I’m sure you’ll never get this close again

Don’t you wish you could hold
The angel in the centerfold
The fantasy you couldn’t control
Who walked away from you
Don’t you wish that you could hold
The pretty little paper doll
The one you couldn’t quite control
Who walked away from you

Flip to me, I’m the centerfold
I’m gonna charm you
All night
Stick to me, I’m the centerfold
We’re gonna go, oh
Hold tight

Flip to me, I’m the centerfold
I’m gonna charm you
All night
Stick to me, I’m the centerfold
We’re gonna go, oh
Hold tight

Now it’s him but it could’ve been you
Tell me why it’s him when it should’ve been you
Its crazy how this makes you wanna change
Here’s an image you won’t forget
All your life I’ll tease, I’ll torment
I’ll be gone as soon as you turn the page

Don’t you wish you could hold
The angel in the centerfold
The fantasy you couldn’t control
Who walked away from you
Don’t you wish that you could hold
The pretty little paper doll
The one you couldn’t quite control
Who walked away from you

Flip to me, I’m the centerfold
I’m gonna charm you
All night
Stick to me, I’m the centerfold
We’re gonna go, oh, hold tight


Mom’s Gone Wild in Vegas August 29, 2007

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It all started at the airport bar when I looked over at IBTerri and said, “you did NOT just say that!” and it just spiraled from there. We got to our hotel room and we just kept coming out with these one liners, that taken out of context would be so funny – at least to us. We kept saying, “oh my God… if anyone heard what we are saying”. And that’s when it hit me. I knew if I didn’t write them down we’d lose them all! And I just couldn’t have that. So I grabbed the Planet Hollywood note pad and 11 pages later, plus one napkin, we have quotes from Vegas.

Some of them are really funny. And some of them I look and say, “huh?” And some of them I can hardly read whether from laughing while I was writing or from the amount of ‘tini’s consumed. Haha! So here they are, in the order written and completely out of context. Hopefully a few will give you a giggle. All I know is that writing them in the moment was a hoot!

Thursday night to Monday morning:

1. I like cherries

2. You sound like my 13 year old nephew, said to the smoking woman

3. I will take care of your boarding passes if you take care of me in the other way

4. I hate hotel comforters because there’s always cum all over them

5. Discussion of “seaman sauce” as we’re drinking creamsicle martinis

6. Yeah, her pillow is all wet

7. Got rings? Huh? RINGS! Ohhhhhh riiiinggggs (think about it for a moment… it’ll come to you)

8. I wonder if mine works… it’s all bent

9. Oh, she’s like a Monet, from far away she looks good, but up close, not so much

10. Ridden hard and put away wet one too many times – yeah, we’re bitches

11. The one with the tongue that eats the jello pudding cup with no hands!

12. I still like sparkley balls

13. I have that skirt in SL!

14. They have ones that are “this big”. We call those Hymes

15. Yeah, pump it baby!

16. Who the fuck needs porn?… Just hang out at the bar

17. She’s fucked up… or down… or up and down

18. Leave it out!

19. I think it’s all at the bottom

20. I just lean down and suck on it

21. It’s too slippery, I can’t get it off… I can’t get it off either… Ohhhh there it goes

22. Wiggly Lisa’s rooster just died!

23. It comes out slow, but it works

24. This is the most fun I’ve had in a hotel room ever!

25. I’m so limber when I’m drunk

26. It’s hard!

27. Ok it’s all off my chest

28. This is gonna be really hot… yes it is, cause it gets coated as you put it in

29. I like the long ones! – yes, I know

30. I like mine in layers. You start at the the beginning and work your way to the end

31. I am totally numb right now and sooooo enjoying it

32. We need a man to finish the meal and then get lost

33. I think anything would taste good right now

34. I hate this stuff… you gotta bang it to get it out!

35. We should take our picture with her seeing as we’re the lesbians

36. Were you guys together all night?

37. I need to fix myself

38. A couple of guys will lose their load over that one

39. Hyme is number one!

40. I am gong to try a girl before I die… just not you, you’re too good of a friend

41. We’re not cheap lesbians

42. I think I am a voyeur, I like to watch

43. Can I play with it? Have fun!

44. Does it come with one of those stick thingys? No… just your finger.

And there you have it! Random quotes from Vegas. We promised ourselves we’d type them all up with no editing. And that’s what I’ve done. Let me know if you have a favorite.

Wiggly out!


July 17, 2007

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The Friend Test – About Wiggly as told by her Friends

I sent this Friend Test to all of my friends and was amazed at how many people actually responded. It was SOOO much fun. Usually you only get one or two people to respond to these. And some of the answers were amazing. Lots of laughs! I was going to post my favorite one and then I decided I’d just combine all of my favorite answers into one test. You probably won’t enjoy this as much as I did… but I hope you at least get a giggle or two (take particular note of the pet question – that one almost made me pee)

This what my friends think of me! Apparently I’m a tequila drinking sex fiend with a texting problem… well ok.

(2 Points) My name: Baby, ain’t it? (lisa)

(4 Points) My last name: puhlease… ditto

(4 Points) Who am I in love with: Don’t know about love but….lust would be the wiggle man from vegas

(1 Points) Where did we meet: CompuServe Channel 20

(6 Points) Take a stab at my middle name: Jeanne (easy!)

(1 Points) where do i work: Life XXXXX XXXX!

(3 Point) what am i afraid of:
Being on American Idol

(2 Points) Do I smoke No, unless motivated with the proper substance (and only rarely)

(3 Points) Do I drink:
You mean Should you drink? And the answer would be a resounding NO. I refer you to LaFondue.

(3 points) Am I a virgin:
ROFLMAO, Oh hell no.

(1 Point) Do I have any siblings: “Jamie” aka bajina boy

(2 Points) If so, How many: 1 brother and 1 half brother and 1 half sister…I think

(2 Points) What’s one of my favorite things to do: sex and drink

(1 Point) How many piercings do i have: : 5 – 2 in one ear, 3 in the other

(4 Points) How many tattoos do i have: None…..yet (what’s the status on that anyway?)

(3 Points) What’s my favorite type of music: A mix of different stuff

(4 Points) Am I shy or outgoing: say shy, but really outgoing

(3 Points) Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules: : You like to think you are a rebel….but you are a good girl at heart


(2 Points) whats my favorite color: still purple? or it is red now?

(3 Points) name something i love to do: Apparently get laid by xxxxx

(4 Points) name a talent i have: holding a lighted ice cube between your boobs

(4 Points) whats my phone number: 1-900-BAD-GIRL

(9 Points) what kind of underwear do i wear: considering you do wear underwear — right and you’re not like Britney Spears…I would say all types: thongs, briefs, granny panties, etc. whatever floats your boat on a given day.

(4 Points) do i have any pets: yes, Chris, Oscar, mountain man….need I continue? Oh, and of course your pet pussy…..I mean cat.

(2 Points) Who am i dating/likeing right now:

(3 points) how tall am i? 5′ 6″

(5 Points) What is my worst habit: TEXTING WHEN DRUNK

(5 Points on creativeness) If I were stranded on a desert island,
what would I bring: cheese, something that takes batteries (ahem!), and cell phone for texting;
A case of tequila and a hot guy with a large wanker…..and a tireless tongue……oh and a library since that would eventually get boring.