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Yes on Prop 8… Are you serious? November 8, 2008

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I must live in an alternate universe or something.  Well, the Bay Area is different than most places, but come on…. Proposition 8 passed? Holy hell… in my own little world I didn’t think Prop 8 would even be a close race, much less that it would actually pass.

And the reasons I’ve heard for people voting “yes”.

“God meant for marriage to be between a man and woman”. Oh, is that so? Wasn’t “God” used as a reason for not allowing inter racial marriage? God put people of different colors on different continents… so they shouldn’t marry.  Or how many “God” reasons were given for women not voting? And by the same token, if it had been abortion on the ballet… would we have repealed a woman’s right to choose? Now don’t get me wrong… if within your religion you want to say marriage has to be between a man and woman, that is your right and I don’t have a problem with that.  I think it’s short sighted and narrow minded… but that is your choice.  But don’t make your religious beliefs take away the legal rights of others.  Why would someone that believes in God’s love want to take away two human beings right to declare their love for each other and their commitment to that? Anyway… I digress, that is not really the issue.  I guess the point for me here is, isn’t one of the cornerstones of the American dream the separation of church and state? I’m just wondering if people really believe that anymore… doesn’t seem that way based on the passage of Prop 8…

And then there are those that don’t want their kids to be taught about gay marriage in school.  What? You think they aren’t going to learn about it outside of school? And better yet… the example of the teacher that took her/his (don’t remember the gender) students on a field trip to a gay commitment ceremony/marriage. To those of you that don’t want this to happen and think taking people’s rights away is the answer, let me ask you this: How many field trips have your children gone on that you didn’t know EXACTLY where they were going? And how many field trips did you NOT have to sign a permission slip? Ohhhh and how many field trips did you NOT have the right to say, “I don’t want my children to go on that field trip”?  You’re really gonna take people’s rights away over a fear of a field trip? What a cop out!

I don’t usually share my political beliefs with people.  My beliefs and choices are mine and I don’t feel like it’s any of your business what they are.  Thank God I live in a country where that is an option… just like it’s an option for those of you that do like to debate your beliefs.  But this issue really gets to me. Just because someone’s beliefs are different than yours, it doesn’t make them wrong or illegal. Should gay marriage even be something we are debating in the legal/governmental realm? I am just shocked that our culture is still so narrow minded.

It makes me really sad.


2 Responses to “Yes on Prop 8… Are you serious?”


    Gay Tax Protest. These rallies and marches and petitions and chants and letters and phone calls are tiresome – and so far COMPLETELY INEFFECTIVE.

  2. IBTerri Says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Good job!

    Just keep in mind that anything worth fighting for takes a while to achieve. Just think of all the great battles: women’s right to vote, equal rights (we now have a black president, how cool is that?) and there are many more.

    Love you!

    aka: BFF hehehe

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